Title Sudden Landscapes
Description for organ and orchestra
Year 2016
Instrumentation 3333 4331 3perc timp harp pno organ-solo strings
Duration 35 min
Commissioned by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, with support from Norsk Kulturr├ąd
Premiere Sept 15, 2016, Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, cond.James Feddeck, solo: Nils Henrik Asheim. Stavanger Concert Hall



Performance material will be available on hire from NB noter


Sudden Landscapes was planned as an organ concerto, but evolved to something more like a large-scale symphonic painting where the organ and the orchestra continuously exchange sounds and blend in different ways. The piece is conceived as an uninterrupted series of 30 scenes.

Sudden Landscapes is commisioned by Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, with support from the Norwegian Cultural Fund, and written for the organ of Stavanger Concert Hall where Nils Henrik Asheim is organist. Premiere: September 15, 2016.


This piece was originally scheduled to be premiered in 2014. On March 2014, Part 1 was performed, as the whole piece was not finished. Christian Vasquez conducted Stavanger Symphony Orchestra, and Nils Henrik Asheim played the organ part. This Part 1 no longer exists as a separate piece, as it is replaced by the work in full length.